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Carpet Stains

The best remedy for a stain is to treat it as soon as possible before the stains set in over time and damage the pile and fibers in the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Plus uses a deep cleaning process which is very effective on everyday dirt and soil buildup. No matter how careful, eventually you are you are likely to have some stubborn stains.

Carpet Cleaning Plus offers a wide variety of stain removers to eliminate most spots. We offer a filtration soil remover to remove dark lines along walls and behind doors, a stain remover that can eliminate red wine and juice spills. We also have spotting agents to remove urine, mold, coffee, ink, gum, rust, grease, pet oils and many more.

If stain removal is not possible we can provide you with an estimate to do a bonded insert or “patch” on the stained area.

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We also carry hypo-allergenic products.

Odor Removal

We use different chemicals depending on the source of the odors. We are experts in odor removal. Some simply require deodorizer while others will require protein extractors and disinfectants such as Microban to properly eliminate the problem.

  • Pet Urine Odor
  • Pet Oils
  • MoldRemediation
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Sports Odors
  • Biological Allergens

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Pet Urine

We can test for pet urine and let you know if any trace is there.

When left alone, pet urine can seep through carpet, into the padding and down to the floor beneath. Pet urine can delaminate a carpet and can cause rotting of jute backing. Even after a thorough cleaning, pet urine stains and odors often remain."pet_urine"

Pet urine is amber-colored and composed of protein by products of metabolism. The color of pet urine and its staining potential will often depend on dietary habits, age and sex of the pet and the health of the pet. Typically, because cat diets are richer in protein than dog diets, their urine will produce harsher odors and are typically stronger in odor.

Treatment will vary depending on the severity of the urine stain and the sub-floor structure (wood or concrete).

Read our tips and suggestions article to learn how to treat and remove many stains on your own. If your carpet has been treated with our ScotchGard Protectant, then you already have a huge advantage in removing stains.


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* Some stains chemically damage carpet fibers which may not come clean. We will let you know if the stain will come up before we treat.


Random Testimonial

  • ~ Terri Jordan

    "Carpet Cleaning Plus did a really top job on our carpets and furniture! We have pets and children so clean is sometimes a challenge. We are pleased with the look and it all looks and smells so clean and fresh. We will use you again."

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