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Micro Fiber Upholstery

Natural Fiber and Synthetic

Protected Leather, Aniline and Nubuck or Suede

Don’t toss that favorite sofa just because it’s lost some of its luster over time. The expert technicians at Carpet Cleaning Plus offer a thorough furniture upholstery cleaning service to restore your furniture appearance. upholstery_furniture

Protect the investment you’ve made in your furniture by keeping it clean. Your furniture and upholstery will last longer, smell fresher and carry less allergens when it’s professionally cleaned. Our exclusive furniture upholstery cleaning solution and powerful cleaning system gently restores your furniture to a beautiful look and feel. The dirt, dust, crumbs, and tiny microbes will be extracted, leaving you with fresh and clean furniture.


Protect your furniture with ScotchGard Protectant. ScotchGard forms a barrier which protects the surface making spills easy to wipe clean.  This will add years to the life of your furniture.

We use our special upholstery cleaning pre-spray. Our quality equipment is designed to clean any upholstered surface.

We can clean your couches, loveseats, recliners, dining room chairs, and even the upholstery in your vehicles.
Our technicians will determine the type of material your furniture is made of and then use the appropriate cleaning method.


• Safe for all kinds of furniture and upholstery, including some of the finest natural fibers and synthetics.

• Our chemicals are environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets.

• We do not use detergents and shampoos. These can leave a sticky residue on your furniture that attracts dirt and stains more easily. Our system leaves no dirt-attracting residues behind. When we are done your furniture or upholstery is clean and fresh.

• Great for auto interiors, boat interiors, office dividers and any upholstered item.

• You have the option to use a fabric protector which protects your upholstery by forming a water and oil repellent barrier on the surface.

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  • ~ Terri Jordan

    "Carpet Cleaning Plus did a really top job on our carpets and furniture! We have pets and children so clean is sometimes a challenge. We are pleased with the look and it all looks and smells so clean and fresh. We will use you again."

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