Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

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We clean Persian Rugs, Oriental Rugs, and other type area rugs. When it comes to your rugs, we take good care of them. Oriental Rug Cleaning

In cleaning your rugs, we inspect the rugs to determine the type rug you have. Rugs are made differently, some are hand-made and some are spun on a loom. Some rugs use glues and others don’t. In cleaning rugs it is important to determine the fabric type, and the type of dye used for coloring the fabric.

For Delicate Wool and Synthetic Rugs We Take the Rugs to our Shop to clean them in our Wet Bath Pit where they are hand washed and air dried.

For less delicate rugs we can clean them on site.

We make sure we use proper cleaning solutions that will work best to get them clean but not damage the rug in the process.Scotchgard_3M

We clean your area rugs in your home except for the most delicate type rugs where we remove them and return them clean clean_oriental_rugsand renewed within 48 hours.


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  • ~ Jerry Matthews

    "Good job on the carpets and furniture you did for us. You guys do good work, were right on time and great to work with."

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