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We clean Persian Rugs, Oriental Rugs, and other type area rugs. When it comes to your rugs, we take good care of them. Oriental Rug Cleaning

In cleaning your rugs, we inspect the rugs to determine the type rug you have. Rugs are made differently, some are hand-made and some are spun on a loom. Some rugs use glues and others don’t. In cleaning rugs it is important to determine the fabric material type, the process the rug was made and the type of dyes used for coloring the fabric.

For Delicate Rugs or rugs that bleed dye when wet we take the rugs to our shop to clean them by hand. We run them through a shaker and remove the debris that has accumulated, vacuum, apply reverse pressure using a special machine and vacuum again before the cleaning begins. To clean we use the appropriate procedure for the type rug in our wet bath pit where they are hand washed and air dried.

For less delicate rugs we can clean them on site.





We clean your area rugs in your home except for the most delicate type rugs where we remove them and return them clean clean_oriental_rugsand renewed within 4 business days.









Rugs we clean:

Handmade Rugs

Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Tribal, Bokhara, Caucasian, Flakoti, Pakistani, Indian, Kilim Moroccan, Camel/Mo-hair, Sheep Skin, Bear, Braided, Hooked


Machine-made Rugs

Decorator/Custom-Made, Karastan/Couristan, Sisal, Stark, Domestic Carpets, Belgium/Machine-Loomed, Shag, Wool

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  • ~ Terri Jordan

    "Carpet Cleaning Plus did a really top job on our carpets and furniture! We have pets and children so clean is sometimes a challenge. We are pleased with the look and it all looks and smells so clean and fresh. We will use you again."

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