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Pet Oils on Carpet

Pet oils will make carpet look dirty, dingy, or dull, and they attract and trap dirt in carpet, rugs and furniture fabric.  Soils which build up in carpet or upholstery from the air, or being walked on can usually be removed with your vacuum cleaner.  However adding pet oils to the situation allows dirt and other dry soils to better attach to the fibers of your carpet or upholstery and the dirt cannot be released with regular vacuuming.  Now we have a compound problem.  This is where a professional is needed as they have the required equipment. Our truck-mounted steam cleaning system is the best way to remove not only the oils from your pet but the dirt that oil has attracted as well.  A professional cleaning allows us to break down and , leaving you with a cleaner, softer, fresher look and feel to your home!

We would love to help with any issue you may have related to your carpet or upholstery!  Same day appointments are often available.  Call today to schedule your appointment!

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  • ~ Terri Jordan

    "Carpet Cleaning Plus did a really top job on our carpets and furniture! We have pets and children so clean is sometimes a challenge. We are pleased with the look and it all looks and smells so clean and fresh. We will use you again."

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