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Pets are great but let’s face it dogs and cats that go outside are a haven for fleas simply because fleas thrive on these animals. If you have pets and they’ve brought in some unwanted guests there is an easy way to solve the problem.

For many people, they would rather hire the services of a professional to get fleas out of carpet.  An alternative for the do it your-selfer is using a carpet shampoo additive to control fleas. For better results use steam cleaning and keep in mind there is no comparison to hiring a professional with the right equipment.

When using shampoos to get fleas out of carpet there’s no need to worry about by-products in the shampoo. Many flea control products on the market today are free of dangerous chemicals so just make sure the one you use has low or no toxicity. Another advantage of carpet shampoos aside from eradicating fleas is that they retain the color of your carpet even though they are being deep cleaned. Special carpet shampoos also remove urine stains, vomit and feces left behind by pets.

The only drawback with the shampoos is you need to avoid repeated application more than a few times. The shampoo will leave a slight residue behind which will build up with repeated use. The residue tends to gum up and will begin to attract dirt more readily.

The best advice is to clean carpets with shampoo a couple times then have them cleaned with professional grade equipment where they use a prespray and hot water spray using an extraction tool or wand. The wand is is coupled to a pump-vacuum power unit. The cleaning solution is injected under pressure into the carpet through water-jet nozzles.

This water penetrates the fibers all the way down to the primary backing. This action loosens embedded soils, removes oil and grease deposits, also emulsifies the old shampoo residue all of which are immediately extracted by extremely powerful vacuum systems.

Just make sure you don’t use a company that only uses shampoo as this method will just leave behind more residue.

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